So it begins…

It’s 3am and I can’t sleep. This has been a common theme the last few weeks and yet I’m still unable to lay my mind to rest. It's with black shoe polish like dark marks under my eyes that I begin my first journal entry. I am no expert in this new addition to my adventure, quite the opposite really. I have never written a journal, hell I’ve never even read one.

Before starting this journal entry it occurred to me that reading a few blogs may help give me an idea of what it’s all about. That way I wouldn’t stray too far from…

Then it hit me. There is nothing to stray from. There is no right or wrong way but the way that feels natural and forthcoming. I’m writing because I wanted a place where I could attempt to decipher my thoughts that seemingly appear and fade at the same rate. A place that gives me the opportunity to grasp what it all meant, if anything, before they vanish to where most thoughts mysteriously live. The platform is where these thoughts can be explored and live in perpetuity. If other people find the articles interesting that’s fantastic. If not that’s OK too. Either way, I would love to hear what you think of them.

So what are we to expect from these articles? I think they will take the form of a quasi-mix of travel and a reflection on the thoughts and feelings that conjure up. To be honest though, I don’t really know. Much like this biking journey is an unfamiliar path I have taken in life, the writing part is one too. The unfamiliar feels exciting and energising right now so I shall follow these paths and see where they lead me in life.

I invite you to follow along and hopefully you’ll find they brighten your day as writing them does mine.

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