Below is a live view of wherever I happen to be in the world


The map feed is updated using my Delorme InReach Explorer device. Updates may be delayed if I have run out of battery or forget to turn it on before I start my days ride (it happens at times).


  • Gaps in my route indicate the device was not on and thus no tracking data was recorded
  • Lines are drawn between each ping of the Delorme device with the satellite to create the route I have taken. I usually set pings at one every hour to save battery.

TRACKING UPDATE: Tracking is currently turned off while I am skiing in Colorado. Tracking will begin again on the 19th of February, 2017.


I camp by far the majority of my nights, I just love being out in the wilderness. It's a bit of 'me against the world' mentality. With that said, change is as good as a holiday and I like to change it up by finding a host every now and then. I very much enjoy the opportunity to get to know my hosts and learn more about the country that I am lucky enough to be riding through.

If you would be interested in hosting me, feel free to get in contact with me via the CONTACT page on this website. Even if you are far away from where I currently am, I still have many many more miles to go so I may not be far from you in the not too distant future.

I look forward to meeting you.